Linda Inson Choy

Independent Art Curator

2018 exhibitions continued...

Conversing Visually, Art of Joseph Choe, Republic of Korea Consulate Gallery, San Francisco

Opening reception December 6th 11am -2pm.  Gallery open during regular consulate hours.

Conversing Visually, presented to introduce the work of Joseph Choe, whose preferred method of expressing and conversing is articulated visually on canvas surfaces.  Interpreting the landscapes and the world around him, Choe uses confident brushstrokes and highly vibrant colors that interprets the artist’s inner hidden emotions in place of words.  Evocative of impressionist method of transferring light and movement, Choe is able to capture a moment of a scene in ways that poignantly convey the emotive effect of atmosphere and place.  Often more direct and expressive than calculated and enunciated sentences, art has a way of reaching across ideas, moods and emotions blurring all conceived boundaries and limitations.  Joseph Choe invites the audience to enter his world of visual wonder and engage in a unique dialogue with a young man who teaches us to be open to see beyond the surface.

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Art Curation is my work.  With an extensive background in Korean/American/Asian art, I see my work as collaboration with artists to form exhibitions and projects with meaningful contents that help to contextualize the local/global evenvironments that we occupy

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Linda Inson